La Spezia and Piacenza united by logistics

Piacenza, May 29, 2024 – The Memorandum of Understanding on Logistics, signed in 2015, between the Municipality of Piacenza and the Port System Authority of the Eastern Ligurian Sea is being expanded to include new institutional and business representative entities.

In fact, this morning at Piacenza Expo – Piacenza’s venue for Bilog, a biennial exhibition and conference dedicated to the world of logistics, goods handling and transport – the new Memorandum of Understanding was presented for a planning of interventions aimed at the development of functional services for the logistics hubs of the two territories, for the promotion of a careful policy of environmental protection towards an energy and digital transition of the logistics districts, and for a strong European recognition of the territories’ road and port infrastructures. A protocol that in addition to the two original signatories – the Municipality of Piacenza, represented by Mayor Katia Tarasconi, and the Port of La Spezia and Massa Carrara, present with Secretary General Federica Montaresi – was also endorsed by Confindustria Piacenza, represented by President Francesco Rolleri and Director Luca Groppi, Confindustria La Spezia, present with Director Paolo Faconti, Emilia Chamber of Commerce, represented by Vice President Filippo Cella, and Riviera di Liguria Imperia-Savona-La Spezia Chamber of Commerce, represented by Secretary General Marco Casarino.

“A new expanded agreement,” said Mayor Tarasconi, “to systematize this important sector of the economic-productive framework of the two territories. With Bilog, thanks to Piacenza Expo, and with these new players we will have the opportunity to increase the skills and professionalism of those working in this sector.”“Collaborations that further strengthen this agreement,” Montaresi stressed, “through a development pact capable of giving further added value to the logistics sector and concrete answers to needs coming from the territories.Thanks to those who believed in this project.”

la spezia piacenza accordo logistica BILOG

“The new realities that become part of this agreement,” Casarino added, “will bring new skills and relationships as dowries, to better manage the logistics sector that is increasingly important in the market economy and territories.Unity of purpose for the territories also emphasized by the Director of Confindustria La Spezia, Paolo Faconti. “Market competition,” Faconti said, “is no longer between companies but between broad territories, and this single market vision, realized through this new Memorandum of Understanding, creates synergies that will benefit the two territories involved.

“An enrichment of the old protocol,” Rolleri pointed out, “focused on results across administrative boundaries for increasingly specialized logistics that contribute to the improvement of our companies.

I am proud to end my term with this latest achievement.”Synergies between different actors but also enlargement of territories; these are the main concepts enthusiastically expressed by Filippo Cella.“We represent a vast territory ranging from Piacenza to Reggio Emilia,” said Cella, “and the idea is precisely to interpenetrate, through this new agreement, this territory with a virtuous and positive logistics capable of intercepting issues ranging from export to internationalization.Closing with the speech of Piacenza Expo President Giuseppe Cavalli, who expressed “satisfaction to see at this table four partners of Piacenza Expo – Municipality of Piacenza, Confindustria Piacenza, Chamber of Commerce of Emilia, Port System Authority of the Eastern Ligurian Sea -. Our task is to contribute to the operation of your facilities.”

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